Zieda Beauty Lounge

Price List

Lamination/Lifting-Eyebrows388.001 Hr
Lamination/Lifting-Eyelash388.001 Hr
Lash Extension-Natural420.001.5 Hr
Lash Corner262.001 Hr
Russian Lash Extensions 2D504.002 Hr
Lash Extension-3D525.002.5 Hr
Lash Extension-4-5D577.003 Hr
Lash Extension-6-8D682.003.5 Hr
Lash Refills-Natural315.001 Hr
Lash Refill-2D367.002 Hr
Lash Refill-3D420.002.5 Hr
Lash Refill-4-5D420.002.5 Hr
Lash Refill-6-8D525.002.5 Hr
Removal Lash Extension126.0030 Min
Eyelash or Eyebrow Tint/Henna105.0030 Min
Removal Lash Extension Our WorkComplimentary
Microblading-1st Session1,890.004 Hr
Microblading-2nd Session945.003 Hr
Lip Blush-1st Session1,890.004 Hr
Lip Blush-2nd Session945.003 Hr
Permanent Eyebrows 1st Session1,890.004 Hr
Permanent Eyebrows 2nd Session945.003 Hr
Permanent Eyelash Effect-1st Session1,680.004 Hr
Permanent Eyelash Effect-2nd Session840.003 Hr
Permanent Mole-1st Session367.501 Hr
Permanent Mole-2nd Session183.501 Hr
Permanent Make-up Removal840.002 Hr
Zein Obagi Skin-Red Carepet735.001 Hr
Zein Obagi Skin-Ultra Hydration945.001 Hr
Zein Obagi Skin-Acne & Oil945.001 Hr
Zein Obagi Skin-Brightening1,050.001 Hr
Lifting Face Massage210.0030 Min
Lifting Face Massage420.0045 Min
Slimming-Anti-Cellulite210.0030 Min
Slimming-Gua Sha Contour210.0030 Min
Slimming-Slimming Blanket210.0030 Min
Madero Therapy472.001 Hr
Massage-Arms210.0030 Min
Massage Back210.0030 Min
Massage-Leg210.0030 Min
Massage-Foot210.0030 Min
Massage-Head, Neck and Shoulder210.0030 Min
Massage-Full Body420.001 Hr
Back Cleaning-Shoulder262.501 Hr
Back Cleaning-Full630.001 Hr
Scrubbing-Hand and Foot210.001 Hr
Scrubbing-Full Body420.001 Hr
Scrubbing -Full Body with Massage787.002 Hr
Bridal Make up5,250.002 Hr
Bridal Hair Styling2,625.002 Hr
Event Make-Up735.001.5 Hr

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