The fashion house Balmain Paris, founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain, became famous for its feminine and elegant style. Balmain Hair, run by Steward and Richard Guliker, is the leader of high fashion in the field of hair accessories and hair extensions. Thanks to the luxurious line of hair products and the support of the fashion house Balmain Paris, Balmain Hair Corporation is the world leader in the industry!

We use hair treatment and styling product Balmain hair couture, so you can try it and buy in Zieda Beauty Lounge.

Professional cosmetics Goldwell for hair – for many years, retains the leading position of the manufacturer of hair care products and the developer of exclusive hairdressing services for professional stylists from around the world. Goldwell cosmetics, that you can buy in Dubai in Zieda Beauty Lounge, is a high-end cosmetic product exclusively for hairdressing professionals. We use the products of the German brand Goldwell for dry and damaged hair have, to achieve the desired shade of hair without damaging them. You can buy Goldwell in Zieda Beauty Lounge and see for yourself!

Kevin Murphy is an Australian brand of professional hair cosmetics. Founded by Kevin Murphy, a famous stylist and fashion hairdresser, who worked for largest fashion magazines: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Instyle, GQ, and many fashion photographers. Kate Blanchett, Heidi Klum, Naomi Watts, Kylie Minogue and other star beauties entrust his hair to his hands. We use Kevin Murphy’ hair products in Zieda Beauty Lounge: just tr, and make cool pic for your insta!

Brazilian Blowout – is a unique system of smoothing and restoring hair, based on natural ingredients. Professional cosmetics for hair Brazilian Blowout gives its fans the perfect hair care products that will help to significantly improve their appearance and condition. We use these products in Zieda Beauty Lounge to you’re your hair healthy, saturating them with essential nutrients: vitamins, amino acids etc… To giving hair elasticity, facilitating their styling, and protect it from the aggressive effects of the environment: rain, wind, snow or, conversely, the scorching sun damage.

Nashi Argan is a smart hair care line. These products hydrate, repairs, light up and protect hair. It has UV-protect, you didn’t need to rinse out it, and you see the result after the first use. Each product is based on valuable natural components of organic origin, and the packaging of all products is made from 100% recyclable materials (which confirms the recycled icon on each brand product). So, if you are eco-friendly person, we invite you to Zieda Beauty Lounge to have beauty with pleasure!